With over 35 years of herp husbandry under her belt, involving numerous species of reptiles, Kathy Love still regards herself as a born teacher.  Decades of conversations at reptile shows and via the telephone have helped her zero in on the needs of home herp keepers, whether they are hobbyists, or those interested in starting a home business.  Her Cornsnakes: The Comprehensive Owner’s Guide (and earlier, The Corn Snake Manual) have been influential in setting the standards for corn snake husbandry.  Writing those books fulfilled a huge need for those interested in keeping and breeding corns; they flowed naturally out of Kathy’s desire to share her knowledge. 

All of Kathy’s expertise will be at your disposal during her portion of the rally day.  You will work with her in a “hands on” manner as she demonstrates (and you assist her) in routine tasks of managing a large snake colony such as setting up cages for adults and babies, feeding, sexing, and evaluating snakes for purchase or for ovulation / breeding suitability.  Techniques for inducing mating, incubating eggs, and coaxing stubborn hatchlings to eat will be presented. 

In addition, proper shipping, record keeping, and business marketing will be discussed if there is sufficient interest.  Managing a modest rodent breeding colony will also be included.  Because of the small number of people in each ‘class’, the ‘curriculum’ will be closely tailored to all participants’ interests.   

At all times, Kathy will gladly answer any and all questions pertaining to her specialty, or about any other herp-related question you may have.  Although the reptile colony currently consists of corn snake, ball python and Amazon tree boa breeding projects, discussions will not be limited to those species.  Our hope is that you will come away from this experience with all of your herpetocultural questions answered – even those you never would have thought to ask! 


Probing a corn snake to determine its sex

'Popping' a baby corn snake's hemipenes to determine its sex

Exposing the eggs that a female ball python has recently laid

'Good' vs. 'bad' corn snake eggs

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