"Fieldherping" - Seeking Herps in Nature


One highlight of the day will be a leisurely, personally-guided, 3/4-mile nature walk around a well-planned circuit that introduces you to the Florida landscape and (hopefully) some of its wild residents.  The route has been carefully chosen to weave you through changing habitats of shaded palmetto 'jungle', live oak and cabbage palm woods, and finally over an increasingly rare piece of Florida dry scrub.

Bill will point out, identify and describe the fascinating natural history of many local plants and animals.  Many kinds of wild mammals, birds, herps, and invertebrates call the habitat we'll traverse home.

Besides the chance of encountering local animals on the move, Bill has placed numerous pieces of AC (= artificial cover) 'sets' for herps that will demonstrate the vast array of materials and strategies that attract them to manmade shelters.  Checking them during the walk will be a great lesson on what kinds of places herps like to hide and how to create them.  Also included will be a look at how researchers use drift fence sampling techniques to trap hard-to-observe wildlife.  

Any specimens found will be available for a handling session and impromptu photography 'lesson' in the field.  All herps will be released afterward at the exact spot they were found.

   A husky corn snake was 'sleeping' under this old piece of plywood

Drift fence bordering the scrub habitat trail

A greenhouse frog and a five-lined skink found in one pit-trap bucket

Admiring a southern black racer (Coluber constrictor priapus)

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